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High Quality Gaming Servers

OrgPack's gaming servers are designed to meet the heavy demands of high performance gaming. Our game servers come equipped with 4.6 GHz Ryzen 3900x processors, Enterprise quality ECC RAM, RAID SSDs for fast redundant storage, and up to 10G networking for the lowest pings possible.

Gaming servers demand great performance, and that's why we only use SSDs in all of your gaming servers. Many hosts will charge extra for this, but we provide this at no extra cost to our valued customers so they can get the best performance possible from their servers.

Features Overview:

Instant Setup

No Setup Fees

High Performance

DDoS Protected

No Overloaded Servers

Say hello to the ultimate gaming experience

Our servers are located in top tier datacenters to ensure your server maintains a rock solid connection. Our networking and power are fully redundant ensuring that your server is online with great pings any time you need it.

We also offer services like Teamspeak and Web Hosting to help you stay in touch with those you game with. Setup a forum and website for your guild, or grab a Teamspeak server for your new game server. You can even earn discounts by maintaining multiple different servers!

We know the value in having your server ready to go when you are, so we've made some of the most popular mod packages available at the click of a button. If you're looking for a mod pack that we don't have, just contact us and we can look into getting it added for you.

Team Fortress 2

Slots From

$0.99 per month


Slots From

$0.19 per month


Memory for

$4.50/GB per month

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Slots From

$0.99 per month

Don't Starve Together

Slots From

$0.99 per month

Ark: Survival Evolved

Slots From

$1.29 per month

Counter Strike: GO

Slots From

$0.99 per month

7 Days To Die

Slots From

$0.99 per month

Can't find your game?

There are way too many games to list, so if you're looking for a server that's not listed here please contact us. We might already have the type of server you're looking for!

Game Slots From Order
Team Fortress 2 $0.99 per month Order Today
Rust $0.29 per month Order Today
Minecraft $4.50/GB per month Order Today
Factorio $4.50/GB per month Order Today
Don't Starve Together $0.99 per month Order Today
Ark: Survival Evolved $1.29 per month Order Today
Starbound $0.99 per month Order Today
Garry's Mod $0.99 per month Order Today
Game Slots From Order
Counter Strike: Global Offensive $0.99 per month Order Today
Terraria $0.99 per month Order Today
Mordhau $0.99 per month Order Today
7 Days 2 Die $0.99 per month Order Today
Squad $0.99 per month Order Today
Mount and Blade: Warband $0.99 per month Order Today
Insurgency $0.99 per month Order Today
Conan Exiles $0.99 per month Order Today