Jabber Servers

Jabber Servers with Complete Control

Create a jabber server on OrgPack's network and we'll deliver a customizable Jabber server with chat rooms, announcements, and more. Fully administer your server with many Jabber clients or using our web control panel.

Main Features:

Instant Setup

24/7 User Support

Low Network Latency



cents per slot


Easily configurable with all the features you love.

Why choose us for your Jabber server?

We're committed to providing you with the best jabber servers around. We offer instantaneous setup of your jabber server with a custom hostname just for your organization. Get multi-user chat rooms, online user broadcasts, and full administrative control of your server.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We understand the importance of keeping your server online. The reliability of your server is important to us so our infrastructure is backed by our uptime guarantee.

Full User Support

Our friendly staff is here to help you through any questions you have about our service. Your problems are our problems and we're here to help.

Instant Setup

The Internet moves fast and so do we. Get your server set up instantly so you can start organizing in a matter of minutes.